Daguerreotypes, Tintypes, etc. Old photos for sale.

mandag2.jpg (518724 bytes)

DAG1- Exceptional 1/6th plate dag of a handsome man with striped pants. Great contrast detail etc.



daglas.jpg (39895 bytes)

DAG2- Nice 1/6th plate dag of a man holding glasses. Resealed.


DAG3- 1/6 plate dag of a boy. 1/2 case, sealed. 


DAG4- 1/6th plate Daguerreotype of a man. 1/2 union case




DAG5- Daguerrerian broadside of E.S. Hayden. He was probably from Connecticut. Printed by American Office - Print - Waterbury CT.  Absolutely excellent condition. 10 x 12 in. $275

DAG6- 1/9th plate Daguerreotype of a handsome man in 1/2 case.




DAG7- 1/6th plate dag of a woman Full case with so so spine. Didn't scan well. Sharp. $50 

DAG8- Ruby Ambro (1/9th plate) of a militia man probably from Maine. Full case with broken spine $300

DAG9- 1/6th Plate dag of a man in full floral leather case $65

DAG10- 1/6 plate tintype of man with bike. Better than the scan. $65

DAG11- Dag of a handsome man in 1/2 case. $90

DAG12- 1/6 plate daguerreotype of a man with octagonal glasses.


 unmount.jpg (69203 bytes)

DAG13- 1/6th plate dags of a husband and wife with unusual "bell" mattting $85 pair

DAG14- 1/6 plate daguerreotype of woman.Full leather case with split spine . $45


pearlcase.jpg (127841 bytes)

pearlcase2.jpg (134641 bytes)

DAG15- 1/6th plate mother of pearl case with a nice sealed dag. $160


pianol.jpg (61117 bytes)

DAG16- Union Case 1/6th plate. Enjoying the Piano. Ver. 2. Berg pattern 1-120. No image. worn corners. Wear. $90

claspcase.jpg (109521 bytes)

claspcase2.jpg (126966 bytes)

DAG17- 1/6th plate metal clasp case with an ambrotype of immigrant? couple. This case pattern is not in Berg's book. $125



oval.jpg (36436 bytes)

oval2.jpg (56826 bytes)

DAG18- Dark blue velvet 1/9th plate case with tintype. Color is much nicer than it looks here. Some wear but still nice. $90

browncase.jpg (59366 bytes)

browncase2.jpg (88689 bytes)

DAG19- 1/6th plate Union Case Berg pattern # 3-128 with a so-so ambrotype. Case is excellent. $110

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