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Cameras, Accessories, and Related Equipment


camera7.JPG (44173 bytes)

Cam 1. Revere Stereo Camera with case. Ex++ $275 SOLD!


camera8.JPG (33610 bytes)

Cam 2. Stereo Realist camera with f2.8 lens. This was serviced and adjusted by Camera Doctor. $350 SOLD!


camera9.JPG (37771 bytes)

Cam 3. Revere Stereo Camera. with rough Iloca case. $225


camera6.JPG (33071 bytes)

Cam 4. Stereo Realist camera with f3.5 lens. Some corrosion to plating. Could be cleaned I think. A good user. $125


MVC-022F.JPG (39242 bytes)

Cam 5. Kodak Stereo Camera. Nice shape. Cleaned, lubed, adjusted (CLA) by Camera Doctor. $195 



camera5.JPG (33167 bytes)

Cam 6. Stereo Realist camera with f3.5 lens. Cracked lens cover. Another good user. $125


MVC-023F.JPG (36111 bytes)

Cam 7. Stereo Realist w/ 3.5 lens in 1/2 case. Lens cover is cracked.  Cleaned, lubed, adjusted (CLA) by Camera Doctor. $195


MVC-024F.JPG (31940 bytes)

Cam 8. Stereo Realist w/ 3.5 lens in full, nice case. Cleaned, lubed, adjusted (CLA) by Camera Doctor. $235


nish-011F.JPG (55859 bytes)

Cam 9. Nishika Stereo camera. $50


MVC-029F.JPG (30885 bytes)

Cam 10. Pentax stereo adapter set for 55mm accessory size. With box and viewer. $225


camera16.jpg (31135 bytes)

Cam 11. Revere Stereo Camera c. 1953 with 3.5 Amatar lens and case. Cleaned lubed adjusted by Camera Doctor. $225


koni-010F.JPG (85046 bytes)

Cam 12. Miranda F camera with speeds 1-1000 with case.. $75


camera4.JPG (27692 bytes)

Cam 13. Mamiya Secor 250mm f6.3 lens for c220-c330. Deal time $75! SOLD!



MVC-026F.JPG (37952 bytes)



Cam 14. Konica I camera with case. Shutter works but not tested. Cosmetically excellent. $125



MVC-021F.JPG (48281 bytes)

Cam 15. Snakeskin Leica. Russian fake. Looks nice. Good fun. Being a Russian camera, I will not guarantee functional reliability. $150


camera12.jpg (27359 bytes)

Cam 16. Semi Leotax Camera by Showa. 6 x 4.5 cm on 120 film. Cleaned lubed adjusted by Camera Doctor. $125


camera15.jpg (25038 bytes)

Cam 17. Zeiss Super Ikonta D "Super Ikomat" 1934-36. 120 Tessar. Compur shutter G-VG w/case. Cleaned lubed adjusted by Camera Doctor. $135






camera1.JPG (31296 bytes)

Cam 18. Graflex Super Graphic 4x5 with Optar 135mm f4.7 lens in shutter. Swings, tilts, rises, falls. Full movements. Capable of high quality professional assignments! This camera is cosmetically a little rough but much of it could be cleaned. This is a tough, heavy, mostly metal camera. Take it camping for great photographs and use it to drive your tent stakes! $275


camera13.jpg (55281 bytes)

Cam 19. Conley Plate Camera c. 1900-1910. 4x5 plate camera w/case and film holders EX $200 SOLD!


MVC-027F.JPG (29126 bytes)

Cam 20. No. 1a Gift Kodak with original brown bellows (a little rough) and art deco door and lens plate. Fairly decent shape with some chips on the enamel on the door. Buy it for half book value! $75


MVC-032F.JPG (38281 bytes)

Cam 21. Early Kodak darkroom items. Unopened Fixing Powder, 2 unopened MG developer, Unopened No. 1 flash cartridges, potassium Bromide Powders. Spool and printing frame. $50

MVC-028F.JPG (30949 bytes)

Cam 22. Detective camera? Unknown maker unmarked camera with 4x4 in. plate. $65



Cam 23. Kodak  No. 2. Bullseye model D 1896-1913. Nice shape. $65




Cam 24. Hummel Plate Camera. 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 precision plate camera made in Germany 1930s? I have been unable to develop information on this manufacturer. Similar to Ica, Recomar etc. It does not appear in McKeown's book at all.  Schneider Radionar f:4.5 105 lens in Compur shutter (works fine). Spring back for 2 sided holders may not be original. $125


camera17.jpg (29040 bytes) 

Cam 25. Kodak Retina IIa type 016. Schneider Xenon 50mm 2.0 lens. Cleaned lubed adjusted by Camera Doctor. $95 SOLD!

Cam 26. Stereoview Printer. Nice wood. This makes smaller size prints. $125  SOLD!


Cam 27. Stereoview Printer. Nice. I will include views which appear to have been made with this printer. $145  SOLD!


MVC-020F.JPG (22977 bytes)

Cam 28. Negretti & Zambra whatzit? $75  SOLD!










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