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Fine Antique Stereoscopes For Sale.


There is a shipping charge on all stereoscopes. Usually a hand held viewer can be shipped for about $5.


MVC-006F.JPG (26461 bytes)

Vwr 1.Quirolo 1870s-80s. This needed to have a bit of minor restoration applied. The molding on the top has a chip. Nice fairly rare viewer! $300 


MVC-007F.JPG (26856 bytes)

Vwr 2. Unknown maker. Unusual design 1870s-80s walnut viewer. SOLD!



MVC-003F.JPG (30949 bytes)

Vwr 3. Unusual Keystone viewer. Red with black trim. paint has issues otherwise all good. $65 SOLD!


vwr-005F.JPG (146915 bytes)

Vwr 4. Underwood and Underwood. This one has corroded aluminum and shows some wear but works well and still looks good. A very durable user. $60 SOLD!

MVC-010F.JPG (26911 bytes)

Vwr 5. HC White. Exposition Universelle viewer 1901. This is a real pretty one. Replaced tension spring. $75





pedestalscope.jpg (118906 bytes)


Vwr 6. Walnut pedestal stereoscope 1880s. Very decent shape. SOLD!




MVC-009F.JPG (29430 bytes)

Vwr 7. Keystone Library Stereoscope. This one has an ever wider hood than the other red viewer easily accommodating most eyeglasses. It has the tabbed grip rather than the folding handle. More of a user than a showpiece. It does show usage. But if you wear eyeglasses this is the one!  $65 SOLD!


viewer8.jpg (89195 bytes)

Vwr 8. Sears Stereographoscope. $95 SOLD!


MVC-011F.JPG (26967 bytes)

Vwr 9. H.C. White. The slider matches but is not quite like the original. Nice looking and a good user. $60 SOLD!


MVC-009F.JPG (26358 bytes)

Vwr 10. Quirolo or Ardito scope with wood grain painted cardboard hood (some wear, roughness). Rare. Works well. $145 SOLD!


MVC-010F.JPG (27390 bytes)

Vwr 11. Quirolo or Ardito scope with wood hood decent shape. Rare. Works well. $165 SOLD!


MVC-014F.JPG (27692 bytes)

Vwr 12. Keystone Telebinocular with electric light The paint on the light shade has issues and the cord could be replaced with a prettier one. No box. $80


MVC-013F.JPG (30178 bytes) 

Vwr 13. Keystone Telebinocular with electric light and excellent green "silk" cord. No box. $90 SOLD!


MVC-014F.JPG (37451 bytes)

Vwr 14. Keystone Telebinocular. Art Deco model with box. Minor paint issues. $100


MVC-015F.JPG (35394 bytes)

Vwr 15. Keystone Telebinocular with box. Paint is OK not perfect. $80


MVC-016F.JPG (35455 bytes)

Vwr 16. Keystone Telebinocular with box. Decent shape. $90


MVC-005F.JPG (29947 bytes)

Vwr 17. Keystone Telebinocular Pedestal model with electric light. Cord needs replaced. I might get around to it. $200



MVC-018F.JPG (35199 bytes)

Vwr 18. Rare Victorian card rack/holder. Some mostly unnoticeable broken off wood details. Rare item. Looks real nice. $275 SOLD!


MVC-013F.JPG (25073 bytes)

Vwr 19. 1880-90s wooden stereoscope. A decent user. $65 SOLD!

vwr-006F.JPG (163571 bytes)

Vwr 20. H.C. White Perfectscope stereoscope. This has some corrosion of the aluminum and a replaced tension spring on the card carriage but is a good user. $60 SOLD!


vwr-009F.JPG (195201 bytes)

vwr-008F.JPG (160844 bytes)

Vwr 21. This is an ultra rare 1860s-70s viewer probably made by Quirolo in an unusual smaller size. The viewer is about 10 in. long! The scale of all parts is proportionally smaller. Although only 3 inches shorter than a regular size viewer it looks about half the size. It is too small for an adult to use. It has a nice cardboard embossed viewing hood with shiny black outer surface and the word "Holiday" gold leafed on the top inside an embossed box. I'm guessing this may have been a special product sold by Anthony. It is excellently made. The views are about 5 1/4 in. wide and seem to be all Anthony images. There are 3 views of Tom Thumb and/or Commodore Nutt the Barnum dwarfs, Broadway, full moon, Paris, Pisa, Paris 1867 Expo, Rome, and others. There are 12 views with hand scripted numbers 1-12. on them. Condition on the views is fairly good with some mottling on a few. They don't look like copy views. They have sharp detail when magnified. How did they do that?? The viewer is in great condition. None of the experts I have consulted has ever seen one. $1200

MVC-002F.JPG (35885 bytes)

MVC-003F.JPG (31552 bytes)

Vwr 22. Early English rosewood stereoview storage box with 2 removable inserts. It looks quite good but could stand a some re-gluing of lifting veneer. The top has an age crack. There is no key but I might be able to get one. The inserts fit in really tight and can be a challenge to get out especially if it is humid. This will be a heavy one to ship. This is a real rare, pretty item. At least some restoration may be needed for the veneer. It would be a great display with your rare Becker or Brewster viewer. $250 SOLD!







I often have some $50 specials. Viewers that work ok and mostly look ok with minor defects or mismatched parts etc.



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