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Misc. Foreign Stereoviews Page 5



FOR65- HC White
3586 The crude loom which the Filipino woman weaves the fine hemp into cloth, Philippine Islands.

3931hcw.jpg (243148 bytes)

FOR66- H. C. White Company
3931 In the Midst of the Rice Fields 
around Miyagino, Japan 


culebra8.jpg (33080 bytes)

FOR67- Underwood & Underwood
Where ships will sail through a mountain-
famous Culebra Cut-finished depth 330 feet-
(S. E.)-Panama Canal



FOR68- H. C. White
3540 The Penny Ferry Boats beneath the Suspension Bridge, Manila, P. I.


4069hcw.jpg (318284 bytes)

FOR69- H. C. White Company
4069 The famous Arch Rock, 
sculptured by nature, Matsushima, Japan



FOR70- BW Kilburn
15478. The architect's studio, Genolan Caves, Australia.



FOR71- H. C. White
3968 Igarrote girl, type of one of the lergest native tribes, Benguet Province, Phillippine Islands.


FOR72- Keystone View Company
10070 - Hulling Rice for Breakfast - Island of Luzon, P.I.


20877key.jpg (49780 bytes)

FOR73- Keystone View Company
20877 - Looking Down on the City and Bay of Panama from Ancon Hill, 
Panama Canal Zone


20867key.jpg (47773 bytes)

FOR74- Keystone View Company
20867-Drive Through the aTtractive Hospital Grounds at Ancon, 
Panama Canal Zone


FOR75- Keystone View Company
V14494 - Gen. Fitzhugh Lee Entering Havana at the Head of US Troops.


4201hcw.jpg (298740 bytes)

FOR76- H. C. White Company
4201 The Temple of the Olympian 
Jupiter and the Acropolis,  Athens, Greece


FOR77- Keystone View Company
10085  "Cascos" The Floating Homes of Many Thousands - House Boats on the Pasig River, Manila, Island of Luzon, P.I.


13320key.jpg (56122 bytes)

FOR78- Keystone View Company
13320 - Swellings erected for Employees of Old French Canal Company, Colon, Isthmus of Panama


4126hcw.jpg (285308 bytes)

FOR79- H. C. White Company
4126 Temple of Athens Nike 
(Wingless Victory) Acropolis, Athens, Greece


FOR80- Underwood
Charming Porto Rico - a pretty Suburban Home near Mayaguez.


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