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Mideast and Holy Land Stereoviews Page 5


HL53- H. C. White Co.
1345 The Gates of Gethsmene, Jerusalem, Palestine.


HL54- H. C. White Co.
1123 The marvelous Sphinx and Second Pyramid, Gizeh, Egypt.


HL55- G. Holzapfel
11993 Place of Sacrifice, Mt. Carmel and Plain of Esdraelon, Palestine.

HL56- unknown
View of Smyrna from the Hill of the Citadel

HL57- Unknown
Distant view of the Island of Philae from the Mosque of Mishad


HL58- Keystone View Co.
7359 The Street called Straight, Damascus, Syria

116elw.jpg (51602 bytes)
HL59- Edward  L. Wilson
116 Jerusalem Road to Mar Baba (?) 
and The Dead Sea 



11908gg.jpg (43088 bytes)
HL60- G. Holzapfel
11908. (8) A Samaritan Woman at Jacob's Well, Samaria, Palestine.


gebail.jpg (24994 bytes)
HL61- Unknown
Church of Croeses in Gebail, Lebanon.


164wil2.jpg (49372 bytes)
HL62- Edward L. Wilson
164 Fount of Jezreel Towards Jordan

2589uup.jpg (47626 bytes)
HL63- Underwood & Underwood
(22)-2539- Looking down the S.W. cor. of the Great Pyramid upon the mastabas? of Khufu's lords, Egypt.

3139uu.jpg (32363 bytes)
HL64- Underwood & Underwood
3139 Women grinding at the mill - 


HL65- Keystone View Co.
9871 Magnificent Desolation of the Deserte Temple of Luxor, Egypt

HL66- Keystone View Co.
Plilae, The Pearl of Egypt


HL67- HC White Co.
1031 Arab runners, Cairo Egypt


HL68- Charles Bierstadt.
45. Bethany


HL69- Keystone View Co.
1186 - Jerusalem, a City of Domes, Palestine




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