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Miscellaneous Military Stereoviews Page 2


5057wet.jpg (48885 bytes)

MIL-19 W. E. Troutman 
5057- Mobilization of French Troops in Verdun.  



5001wet.jpg (56810 bytes)

MIL-20 W. E. Troutman
5001- An Abandoned German Dug-out in the Argonne.

14royal.jpg (49417 bytes)

MIL-21 Realistic Travels.
Black Watch and Indians hold advanced sector of line near Facquissart Post guarding Calais.

193royal.jpg (32680 bytes)

MIL-22  Realistic Travels.
His Majesty reviews "Young Guards" ere their departure for garrison duty on the Rhine.

188royal.jpg (41490 bytes)

MIL-23 Realistic Travels.
Surrendered fleet of murderous "U" boats. The greatest menace that ever faced our Empire.

13royal.jpg (42473 bytes)

MIL-24 Realistic Travels.
Troops and supplies rushed from railhead to the firing line in lorries & London buses.

20royal.jpg (48184 bytes)

MIL-25 Realistic Travels.
The Germans retaliate - a high-explosive shell bursting near our dump hidden in an orchard.


12royal.jpg (46645 bytes)

MIL-26 Realistic Travels.
London Territorials pass the wrecked Doll's house on the shell-swept La Brassee road.

98royal.jpg (47020 bytes)

MIL-27 Realistic Travels.
Tenderly carrying a "blighty" case to an aid post through maze of trenches, Passachendaele.

96royal.jpg (47532 bytes)

MIL-28 Realistic Travels.
In a firing bay at Passachendaele we repulse repeated Bosche counter-attacks of great fury.

99royal.jpg (44163 bytes)

MIL-29  Realistic Travels.
14th century walls & Lille gate through which British troops entered during defense of Ypres.

85royal.jpg (43986 bytes)

MIL-30 Realistic Travels.
Under frightful difficulties, our troops carry supplies over destroyed bridges on Yser canal.

1royal.jpg (54811 bytes)

MIL-31 Realistic Travels.
Amid bursting crumps, with trench mortar ready, Seaforths watch through periscope for the Hun.

18608key.jpg (48690 bytes)

MIL-32 Keystone View Co.
18608 - French Field Hospital - Locating Bullet with X-Ray Machine. No Protection!

v18856key.jpg (59950 bytes)

MIL-33 Keystone View Co.
V18856 The Dog in War - Reporting to First Aid Squad with Helmet of Wounded Soldier.

327kvc.jpg (72899 bytes)

MIL-34 Keystone View Co.
327 - Trim First Pioneers awaiting Inspection, Hampton Court Palace, London.

14502key.jpg (45883 bytes)
 MIL-35  Keystone View Company
14502 - Parade in Port Arthur, Marchuria - General Volkoff Addressing the Troops.  
Behind him General Stoessel.





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