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 Railroad Stereoviews Page 2


112kil.jpg (55560 bytes)

RR17- Kilburn Brothers
 No. 112. Almost there --- Lizzie Bourne Monument.


4455kv.jpg (36650 bytes)

RR18- Keystone View Company
 4455 The "John B. Jervis" Locomotive, Loaned by the Delaware and Hudson Company with Unusual Boiler.


186kill.jpg (50337 bytes)

RR19- Kilburn Bros. NO. 186 The Engine Mt. Washington  


RR20- JS Moulton
 No. 133 - The Engine, Mt. Washington R.R. White Mts. N.H.

RR21- Keystone View Company
 37508 Transportation Units - Railroad - Passengers Leaving Busses to Board a Train.


4451kv.jpg (37080 bytes)

RR22- Keystone View Company. 
4451 The "Satilla" of 1860, Loaned by Henry Ford. Missing part of left, lower corner.


4441kvc.jpg (44986 bytes)

RR23- Keystone View Company
4441 "A. J. Cromwell". 1888 Consolidation Locomotive


RR24- BW Kilburn
5541 The Great Loop near Georgetown, Col.

4500key.jpg (36561 bytes)

RR25- Keystone View Company
100 (4500) The Centenary Director and 
His Staff


4425kv.jpg (44846 bytes)

RR26- Keystone View Company
4425 The Treadmill Car, Tried Out on the Baltimore and Ohio, 1829.

4481kv.jpg (34942 bytes)

RR27- Keystone View Company
4481 "Old Ironsides," 1832, Baldwin's First. (Hall of Transportation).


4497kv.jpg (38009 bytes)

RR28- Keystone View Company
4497 Indian Pow-wow. Induction of Vice-President C.W. Galloway into the Tribe.
Mount is a slightly damaged.


4440kvc.jpg (47364 bytes)

RR29- Keystone View Company
4440 The "J.C. Davis," 1875, Passenger Mogul Type.


25539kvc.jpg (48665 bytes)

RR30- Keystone View Company
29539 High-speed Locomotive No. 1310, 1896.

29540kvc.jpg (44093 bytes)

RR31- Keystone View Company
29540 Modern Canadian Locomotive.

33885key.jpg (33816 bytes)

RR32- Keystone View Company
233885 Trackless Train Cars Help to Solve a Transportation Problem for Singapore, Straits Settlement, British Malaya


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